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I'm Ju, a designer & course creator dedicated to helping you to live in a home that makes you feel oh-so-good!

Brazilian-born with “a thing” for flowers, colour and feel-good spaces. I believe that your home has a huge impact on your well being and it’s the best place for you to relax, express yourself and just be YOU!

Through my design studio and online design school, I help people like you to (finally!) figure out what they love and what to choose. So they can confidently create a home that puts a smile on their faces every time they walk through their front door. 


Watch me on Netflix – Yep… I’m on your telly! 

Can’t resist reality TV and design shows? Then you’ll love watching Interior Design Masters! 

Expect drama, laughter, a few tears and LOTS of design inspo! 


free colour workshop: Learn how to confidently put colour schemes together

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Free Colour Workshop

Two lessons to help you to create colour schemes that work! Get a taste of my Colour Course for free!

Join The Design School

You’ll learn everything you need to make the best decor decisions for your home. With lots of hand-holding from me.

The Colour Couse

Step away from “safe” and get in tune with your daring voice using my easy pro- designer secrets.


  • “It’s so much more than just learning about decorating your home.It makes you dig deep and discover your personal style and gently shows you ways to incorporate it into your everyday lifeIt cured my fear of using patterns and experimenting with different colour palettes. I love every minute, and I don’t think I can put into words how much it has changed my life.

    – Nerine Kale
  • “Ju’s course removes all the barriers to designing a home you love (even your style is different to hers) so you can design with confidence, freedom and fun. Thank you Ju! I’m so fired up to get designing with colour confidence!”

    – Laura Sutton
  • “Ju’s course is full of brilliant advice and so much fun.I feel a connection to colour now and I feel confident in choosing colours and patterns to create my space. I understand how to analyse a room to show off or hide imperfections, create focal points and just bring joy to my home through colour.”

    – Amanda Gould
  • For me it has been much more than an interior design course, it was a journey to discover more about myself and what it is my style. The assignments made me dig deep on what makes me happy and what frustrates me when I look at a space. I have also done the assignments with my husband and found what we both like, and now I have a roadmap for designing the whole house so we can achieve a consistent look.  Ju’s advice on the sessions has been amazing. She is very honest when I suggest something that doesn’t work and always bring me back on track when I get sidetracked.

    – Liliana Ladbury
  • ‘”I’m sooo happy to be able to work with Ju and having her on hand while decorating our home. She is such a lovely person, a fabulous teacher and is always there to help you to make your home shine and become the most beautiful space you can imagine. There is so much goodness in this and again and again I just can say: THANK YOU JU!!!”

    – Jane Silburn
  • “If you ever doubted your ability to create a beautiful, colourful room with pattern and texture, then spend time with Ju and all your fears will disappear.

    – Brenda Bowell
  • “The course is AMAZING!! I was sceptical that I would be able to learn as much as I did. But Ju does an excellent job of going slowly and building up to the more difficult elements (not actually hard, but not intuitive). The assignments were also very helpful in laying a foundation for putting everything together by the end of the course.”

    – Katherine Ainsworth
  • “I cannot say enough about how much I have loved working with Ju.  She was able to help me take the colors and style that I like and help me turn it into a beautiful home. The individual design consultation is priceless. She is absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to style my next home with her.”

    – Kim Alvarez
  • At the time I must admit I was dubious at signing up monthly and what I would get out of it. Well, joining has definitely been worth every penny and more. The courses and lives are fantastic, you can really tell Ju is passionate about what she does. Ju talks to you one to one so you really can go through your house/rooms and get valuable advice. I would 100% recommend Ju and her amazing abilities to help you transform your house into a home of YOUR style.

    – Lola Hoyes
  • I have loved doing the courses and have learned to so much. How to mix colour and pattern has been a big one for me and has made me so much more confident to take the plunge and create a happy home. Being part of this membership group is awesome because as I’m doing my interior projects Ju is there to offer so much advice and help. It makes the journey so much easier. I was so determined to have my home filled with colour that makes me happy,  and with the courses and being part of the membership group I am achieving that! 

    – Debbie Evans

we consider...

Beige a bore, perfection a snore and florals a must!

Join us to learn how to create a bright, happy and functional comfy home for you to relax, recharge your batteries, express yourself, show off your design skills – and live in a home your friends can’t wait to visit again!