Do you have a room in your home that really bothers you? When we first moved into this house, I knew that I’d have to live with the beige and boring cloakroom for a while (until we could afford to redo it). But when we finished redecorating the other rooms downstairs, I just couldn’t look at the sad little space anymore… It was killing the colourful and vibrant vibe I had created for the other spaces… it just wasn’t flowing!

So it was time to take action and have a mini and HAPPY makeover!

Here is how I did it:

  • First I decided on the budget (£100).
  • Then I did a little research and gathered some inspiration images (I already knew how I wanted the space to feel and the style I wanted to go for).
  • Then I prioritised where I should invest and where I should compromise (I invested on the wallpaper as it creates a big impact and compromised on the other items).
  • I also went on a “Home Safari”, looking for what I already owned and I could reuse in the project
  • Finally, I was ready to press play on Spotify and start the job. (Music + DIY = my kind of fun!)

Day 1: The first day was for the really messy bit! I started with the paintwork in the following order:

  • Walls
  • Skirting and Door
  • Tiles
  • Lacquer finish over tiles (once the paint was dry)
  • Cupboard
  • Sanding and distressing (cupboard)
  • Lacquer finish over cupboard (once the paint was dry)

Before I painted the tiles and cupboard, I gave it a good clean with Sugar Soap (for the paint to stick properly). Then I used chalk paint, that is super easy to apply and doesn’t require any priming.

To finish it off and keep it hardwearing, I applied two coats of chalk paint Lacquer.

Oh… and because I was changing the doorknobs, before I cleaned the cupboard I had to fill in the extra holes (from the existing handles) with Polyfilla and sand it off a little. It was a super easy and quick job, but it makes all the difference in the finish.

1. Applying white chalk paint in the same direction as the wood grain.  2. Smoothing out the paint with a foam roller (for a smoother finish)  3. Sanding with a fine-grit sanding paper between coats (for a smoother finish)  4. Distressing the edges with a medium grit sanding block  5 & 6. applying the lacquer with a form roller.

Day 2: Now the real fun began!!! Here is what I did on the final day of the makeover (in the following order):

  • Wallpapering (it took me about 2 hours)
  • Changing the cupboard knobs
  • Changing the towel hook
  • Hanging the mirror (with a little help from my hubby)
  • Styling!!!!!

And… Ta-dah!!!! The makeover was done!!! (At least for now, I still want to change the tap and worktop, but that will have to wait for a little bit longer)

Here is the shopping list:

  • Wallpaper from Designers Guild £59.
  • Chalk paint from Rustoleum £12.99 (I usually use Annie Sloan Chalk paint, but as my white one had finished and I was on a budget I went for this one and it worked just fine).
  • Greenhouse from Ikea £12.
  • Mirror from Charity Shop £8 (how not to love a bargain?!)
  • Towel hook from Anthropologie £4 (on sale!)
  • Door knobs £2.99 from Home Sense
  • Wall paint from Dulux (already on hand)
  • White eggshell paint for wood work (already on hand)
  • Polyfilla for filing the extra holes in the cupboard doors (already on hand)
  • Sanding block, sanding paper, masking tape and paintbrushes (already on hand)
  • Wallpaper paste (already on hand)
  • Lacquer from Annie Sloan (already on hand)
  • Plants and accessories (already on hand)

TOTAL: £98.98!!!

I’m so happy how it turned out … small changes can make a huge difference in your home. So don’t be put off by a small budget… just be creative with it and say bye-bye to that room that doesn’t make you happy!

Are you doing a makeover too? Let me know in the comments.

To a colourful life,

Ju xx