It’s week two on Interior Design Masters and this time we headed to Bournemouth to design a bedroom each in the seaside Chocolate Boutique Hotel.
Each designer had a budget of £1,500 and two days to complete the renovation.
The brief was to create a room that represented our style.
That sounds easy, right? But there was a twist!
On the day we presented our projects, Michelle told us that the hotel room would need to be Chocolate teamed. (Whaaaaat?!!!)
With one week to make changes and get everything delivered in time, it’s fair to say that it wasn’t an easy task. And to make things even more complicated, everything had to meet hotel fire regulations – making it super hard to find what we needed, because of lead times.
I was in the White Chocolate Team with Nicki and Trish. And together we decide to add the white mosaic tiles (chocolate buttons) and chocolate related artwork. I also had a white chocolate bunny table lamp.

My room after finished – scroll down for more before pics

Here’s the brief we received:

“With a background in hospitality and entertainment, the owners bought this 19th Century hotel in Bournemouth. The hotel has not been decorated in over 10 years and the owners have decided the hotel is crying out for a facelift and redecoration of the bedrooms. They would like the bedrooms updated and modernised with some additional colour and texture added.
The owners have given the interior designer carte blanche in regards to the interior design of their bedrooms. They are excited about the prospect of having nine individual and unique designer styled rooms by nine innovative and distinct designers. They expect to see a sense of the designer’s signature style in the rooms finished design.”

Budget: £1,500

The Signature style:

My style is floral, patterned, bright, colourful and joyful.
So I wanted to create a space that people would feel good when they stepped in. And give them a sense of escapism.
I got inspired by the seaside, dining al fresco and the Victorian building. It’s not a conventional mix, but that’s my style. I don’t follow any rules.
I create spaces that are unique, break the boundaries, and most importantly put a smile on people’s faces when they walk in… that’s always my end goal!

The Room Before

Yesss it was a risky move, as my designs are deffo not everyone’s cup of tea, but this week was all about recreating all signature style, so I’m glad I went for it! Plus the room got amazing reviews on TripAdvisor, what makes me so happy to know that I did my job as a designer and helped the guests enjoy their stay at the hotel! I learned so much from this project + the judges’ feedback and had the most wonderful time working with White Chocolate Team… Love Trish and Nicki sooo much!

7:30 am waiting to start filming… we had a little car park disco that morning!
From left to right: Trish, Me, Jerome, Terian, Verity, Kyle and Nicki.
Helping Nicki to upholster a headboard for her gorgeous room. Image: BBC
In action with the talented Jo. Image: BBC
Trish, Nicki and I on our way to the hotel for the last makeover day.
End of the day before hopping on a train back to London. That’s a wrap!

To a colourful life,

Ju xx