Oh my gosh… I loved this episode so much that I already watched it 100 times 😊
This time I was paired we Kyle and we both got the chance to meet the client and compete against each other, pitching our design ideas to him.
The project was a vintage clothing shop in Nottingham.
And the winning designer would be the leader and the other designer the deputy.

Finished shop. Scroll down for more pictures.
Kyle and I waiting to hear the client’s decision. Image: BBC

Here’s the brief we received:

“The store needs bringing up to date. The owner wants the space to feel light, bright, fresh and spacious with elements of light coloured exposed woods. The owner wants a design that will not date too quickly. No Industrial.”

Keywords: Clean, modern, bare wood or metal, plywood, natural, fresh
and bright.

The client went for my ideas (I was SO surprised) what was amazing, but the best part was that I got to work with Kyle again, he’s SO talented, and his building skills and level headed approach were just what this project needed as I had included lots of building elements to the scheme, like the till area and all the bespoke clothes’ racks. He also designed the amazing lighting what complemented the design concept beautifully!

My Design Concept:

It was a rollercoaster of a project, and I still can’t believe that we managed to transform a shop in just 2 days completely…

The shop was massive (3 – 4 x bigger than the other ones) and the prep work took forever!
But despite all the odds and having the same small budget (£3000) and time as everyone else… we did it!

With the lovely Ferne Cotton:

Here are some after pics:

Here are some before pics:

Working with Kyle was a dream and one of the highlights of my IDM experience! (Love you, Kyle)

And the icing on the cake? The incredible feedback we got from the judges Michelle Ogundehin and Mary Portas 🎉🎉🎉

I’m over the moon with the result!

To a colourful life, 

Ju xx