Woohoo, we’re through to the semifinals! Whaaaaat?!!! 

I’m not going to lie, Cassie and I had a tough start, but I’m SO happy that despite that we managed to create together and execute a gorgeous restaurant! 

 We ended up having a lot of fun during this project, and the clients were so pleased with the results, and that’s the best result we could’ve asked for! 

So proud of us! 

It was a bittersweet episode for me to watch, as seeing Nicki leave was heartbreaking. 

She’s beyond talented and someone who I love and admire so much. During the whole competition, she pushed me to want to be a better designer and be braver with my choices (I was always worried about doing too much and not having enough time to finish it). 

Nicki, you’re amazing, and it was a gift working with you. The future is so bright for you! 

To a colourful life,

Ju xx