Don’t read it if you haven’t watched Interior Design Masters yet. 

Ok, I’m FINALLY ready to write a post about the last episode – I guess I was more upset than I thought!

Yep, being out of the competition SO close to the end was hard!


I’m blown away by the amount of love and support I’ve been receiving from you!

And I’m grateful to you for making this time feel super special. 

Instead of feeling defeated, you reassured me that YES I should be proud of my journey and my work! 

I loved every single minute of my journey, and I wish you could see how close we (the designers) got, it’s like we’re all family now!

The trade and crew were also incredible and did everything to help us out in such a stressful time. So much love and respect for them!

Michelle was always super kind, and I’m very thankful for her feedback, I learned so much from her.

Fearne was like a bright light of sunshine and gave the best hugs!

And how not to mention my mentor (I still have to pinch myself), Sophie Robinson? They only showed a few seconds, but I was at her home for hours and she went above and beyond to give me the best advice. 

Thank you Sophie… can’t thank you enough!

It was a surreal, confetti-worthy experience, and I learned more in those five months than during my 15 years interior design career.

I’ll always feel blessed and grateful for taking part in it.

Interior Design Masters is giving me opportunities that I could only dream of.

And most importantly, it has helped me to rebuild my confidence. Reconnect my bubbly-crazy-furniture-hugger self again!

It’s mummy’s time now… Yay!

And if you would like to keep in touch and learn how to create YOUR feel-good space, join my free colour workshop, where you’ll get access to two online lessons and receive personalised feedback from me!ย 

To a colourful life, 

Ju xx