3 ways you can use colour to make your room look bigger. Learn easy colour tips to help you decorate your home and make it feel bigger. #homedecortips #colourtips #howtousecolourinyourhome #smallspaces

Do you have a room that you would love to make it feel bigger? 

If so, watch this quick video, and I’ll give you three super easy tips to help you to make your home feel more spacious.

Shall we get started?

1. Keep your walls in light colours.  

Even better if they are the cool colours of the colour wheel. 

By that I mean, light shades of blue and green for example. You can also go for neutrals, like white or a very light grey.

But be careful, because these colours can make your space feel cold. 

So make it feel cosier, by adding splashes of warm colour. 

Like a pink cushion or a yellow chair for example.

But we’ll talk more about creating cosy rooms in another video!

2. Keep your big pieces of furniture in the same or very similar colours to your walls. 

This will create an illusion of more space. 

Because when your eyes are travelling the room, that piece of furniture won’t stand out, it will blend in with the background. 

3. Use the ombre effect. As deeper colours close to the floor and lighter shades close to the ceiling will make your walls feel taller.

And voila! 

Let’s recap? 

  1. Keep your walls in light colours
  2. Keep your bigger pieces of furniture in the same colour as the walls.
  3. Use the ombre effect on your walls. 

Don’t know how to choose colours? 

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See you there! 

 To a colourful life, 

Ju xx