How to mix patterns when decorating your home. Super easy way to mix colour and pattern to create a scheme without getting it wrong. #decortips #colorfulinteriors #patternmixing #floralrooms #interior design tips
How to mix patterns and colour for your home.

Want to get over the fear of decorating with colour and pattern but not sure how? I get it!

I get it, because I was you. I was SO insecure when it came to decorating with pattern and colour.

Maybe you find that hard to believe.

After all, these days, I’m known for my use of bold colours and patterns to create happy spaces.

My work’s been featured in magazines like ‘Good Homes’ and ‘Home Beautiful’, I’ve appeared on TV shows on the BBC, Netflix, and Channel 4, I’ve worked for well-known industry names like Armani Casa and Natuzzi, and I’ve designed for clients in exclusive London areas including Mayfair, Knightsbridge and Marylebone.

But, even though I’m considered an expert…

I certainly wasn’t born ‘Colour Courageous’ like my mother.
(She is a natural!)

Awww look at her rocking the 80’s look with her primary colours!

But then, everything changed…

When one day, I heard that Designers Guild, one of the most colourful and patterned interiors brands, was looking for someone to work on their newest store. So I applied, got the job and for a whole year I lived and breathed pattern and colour. I spent my days putting schemes together and deconstructing their shop displays so I could understand how to mix different patterns and play with colour in a cohesive and no-matchy-matchy way.

And what I discovered is that creating colourful, unique schemes for your home is much easier than you think!

So in this short video, I’m sharing one of my shortcuts to decorate with patterns.
And you can apply it for any creative project you’re doing!

Have fun watching it and make sure to check it out my Colour Course if you would like to more tips on how to create a colourful, feel-good home that reflects you!

To a colourful life,

Ju xx