top tips for fab home office
Need some help making your home office feel fab? Check out my top tips for making a fabulous home office! #homeoffice #interiordesign #homeofficedesign #workfromhome #colourfullife

Let’s face it, we are all spending lots of time at home right now! Whether you have your own office space or are working from the living room, it’s more important than ever to feel productive AND happy when you work!

I finished decorating my home office last year, but just added a new chair and rug last week. I am so happy to share the finished look with you, along with my top tips on to get your home office looking fabulous!

Ready? Let’s get started!

Tip 1: First impressions count!

What do you see as soon as you walk into your working space? This is your opportunity to set the mood for the whole room and to think about how you want to feel as you walk in.

In my office, the first thing I see is this gorgeous floral wall. It not only connects to me (you know I love flowers) but also to my brand (full of colour!) It’s also the PERFECT backdrop for my work video calls!

Need some help making your home office feel fab? Check out my top tips for making a fabulous home office! #homeoffice #interiordesign #homeofficedesign #workfromhome #colourfullife

Tip 2: Find what inspires you!

Your office space needs to fill you with inspiration! On my desk, I have a bowl full of confetti which reminds me to celebrate all of my wins, both big and small. I have a mini Frida Kahlo on my cabinet, whose personal style is a massive influence on me.

As you all know, I love colour and try to incorporate it as much as possible in my home office. On the wall next to my desk, I have the colour schemes of designs that I am working on attached to a wooden clipboard. Not only does this really help me in my day-to-day work but it adds an unexpected pop of colour to the room which fills me with joy whenever I see it!

Tip 3: Decide what is a must-have!

So many people tell me that they can’t afford to decorate their personal space. I totally understand! But, you know what I have learnt? You don’t need to spend big to create a beautiful home.

My whole office space (before the new chair and rug) cost me less than £500. Yes, I had to compromise. I really wanted the floral wallpaper which ate a huge chunk of my budget so I really needed to get everything else on a budget, and it worked! My beautiful vintage desk was a steal on e-Bay.

You need to decide what is essential for you in your home office. Do you need a large sit-stand desk? Are you unwilling to compromise on storage? Once you know what you don’t want to budge on, you can start to look for additional pieces and elements to bring the room together that won’t break the bank. Check out e-Bay or other websites where you can find some gorgeous second-hand pieces of furniture!

Tip 4: Leave space to BREATH!

You don’t want to feel stressed the second you walk into your home office so try and minimize the clutter as much as you can.

I keep a tray to the side of my desk with fabric and colour swatches, things I need on a daily basis. It’s super easy to grab when I need it, but having a tray off to the side really declutters my desk and gives me more room to breath and stay focused!

I also have a dresser with lots of drawers, perfect for storage!

My final words of advice? Surround yourself with things that inspire you and that make you smile … you won’t go far wrong!

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To a colourful life,

Ju xx

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