7 flexible decor tricks
Want to make non-permanent changes to your home that will add soul & personality? Check out my top 7 flexible decor tricks! #flexibledecor #interiordesign #interiordesignmasters #budgetdesign #

It’s no secret that I LOVE colour and pattern! But I totally understand that not everyone can go full-on bright and bold the way I do. Maybe you live in a rented place or simply don’t want to commit to any major changes…and you still want your place to feel like YOUR home!!!

I am soo happy to share with you my top 7 flexible decor tricks, all straightforward and non-permanent ways to add soul and personality to your home.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Trick 1: Don’t fight what can’t be changed

Yes, it would be brilliant if your space is a blank canvas with neutral walls and flooring. If this is the case, you can pick any style and colour scheme and it will work….this is the dream!

But let’s face it, most of us don’t have this luxury. My piece of advice if you are in this situation? Don’t fight what can’t be changed…work with it. If your landlord won’t change the horrid wallpaper, then use a colour scheme that will go well with it. Or maybe you have a bookshelf or mirror that can cover half…making the room much more pleasing to the eye!!!

Trick 2: Hang wall art

This one might seem obvious, but I don’t mean just hanging one painting on the wall and that’s it. You can make a proper gallery wall, even going all the way up to the ceiling! By using frames of different colours and sizes and filling them with art or things that are close to your heart, you can add so much personality to a room.

If you live in a rented space or you don’t want to damage your walls, you can use Command Picture Hanging Strips that you just stick on to your wall. They are super easy to remove and can hold lots of weight!

One last tip? Before you commit to your gallery wall, you can make paper templates of your frames and try them out in different positions so you see how it will look.

Trick 3: Add rugs

Rugs are an amazing way to cover an unattractive floor and make your room feel more homely. I know it can be super confusing knowing which size to go for. Make sure that it’s big enough to touch all the pieces of furniture in the room…the bigger the better!

You can also layer rugs with rugs! Put a smaller rug on top of a large one to make your room feel super cosy. Sheepskin rugs are great for layering.

Trick 4: Paint your furniture

blue painted cabinet in office, 7 flexible decor tricks

Chalk paint is one of the best inventions ever! It makes painting your furniture so easy and this will really create an impact in your home.

You can paint everything in one colour, or even just paint the inside of a cupboard to add an extra pop of colour to your home.

Not quite sure how to go about painting your furniture? Check out my blog post with step-by-step instructions on how to do it!

Trick 5: Add extra lighting

Indirect lighting is a great way to make your home feel cosier! Ideally, you should have at least 4 different sources of light in your room. Sounds like a lot, I know, but I promise it will create an amazing homely feeling. Think of adding table lamps and floor lamps to zone out the different areas of your room.

When you buy your bulbs, try to buy them in the warm version. It’ll add to the cosiness vibe!

Trick 6: Bring the outside in

Did you know that house plants have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing? Even better, they add colour, dimension and texture to your home! You can place them on the floor, on a piece of furniture or even hang them from the ceiling or walls. I love getting colourful pots for my green babies that bring even more life into my home.

Trick 7: Play with cushions

Cushions are SO important! They are such an easy and flexible way to update your space. You can work with different patterns and colours, and even mix it up every season! Let’s say you are looking for cushions for your sofa. Pick one cushion that goes with the sofa and will be the hero pattern to work with the others. Then you can pick a colour that features in the first cushion for the second cushion…and on you go until you have all the cushions that you need! Don’t be scared of mixing up the fabrics…this is the best way to create a cosy and happy space.

Et voila! I hope you liked my top 7 flexible decor tricks to add some va-va voom to your home!!

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To a colourful life,

Ju xx

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