Small Room design tips
Struggling to make the most of your cosy space? Check out my tips on smart ways to design your small room. #interiordesign #smallspace #interiordesignideas #decorhelp #interiordesignmasters #smallspacedesign

I truly believe there is no right and wrong when it comes to home design! Your home should make YOU feel good so it doesn’t really matter what other people think. However…if you have a small room in your home and you want it to feel bright and airy, there are some things that you should certainly avoid.

I am soo happy to share with you my top 5 design tips and tricks to make your small space feel large and spacious!

Ready? Let’s get started!

Tip 1: Keep surfaces in the same colour

While it doesn’t actually bring you more space, using the same colour across your surfaces and textiles will give you the feeling of having more. By keeping a similar palette and not going crazy with colour, everything will blend in and create the illusion of a spacious room.

On that note, try and use the cool colours of the colour wheel. They will help to bring freshness and brightness to your space.

Tip 2: Add plenty of light sources

You know me, I love light! Many small rooms don’t have lots of natural light coming in, so you can use extra light sources to help. During the day, indirect lighting will make the room appear bright and airy and at night, the room will feel super cosy.

Try to avoid floor lamps, as you should try and keep your floor space as empty as possible. Wall and pendant lights are a great option for small room design and you can get really creative with the placement.

Tip 3: Hang your curtains high!

This one is such an easy fix and not many people know about it. When you are designing for a small space, you should try to hang your curtains as close to the ceiling as possible and have them go all the way to the floor. This gives a luxurious vibe and also makes your ceiling feel higher than it actually is. It doesn’t matter if the actual window is small, you can still do it!

Tip 4: Use mirrors

small room design mirrors

This is a GREAT tip when it comes to small room design! Mirrors really help to make your space feel bigger. It’s like you are adding more square footage to your room, without the cost! If you place a mirror opposite a window, the natural daylight will also hit the mirror and bounce around the room.

Tip 5: Edit yourself

This is a tough one, I know! But less is more when it comes to small spaces. Try not to use too many small accessories, go for fewer but bigger pieces. It will create a great visual impact but also minimize the clutter … you want to avoid clutter at all costs in small spaces!

There you have it! I hope you liked my top 5 tips for designing small rooms!

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To a colourful life,

Ju xx

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