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I am such a BIG FAN of gallery walls! They never go out of style and are such a great way to make a collection of all the things that you love on your wall!

Let’s get started on my top tips on how to design a gallery wall to make you smile!

Repeat, repeat repeat!

Lots of people don’t actually consider this, but you can repeat elements in your gallery wall and it really brings everything together. This could be a certain colour, or type of photo or even an item within a photo. This will create a really cohesive-looking wall.

If you want something simple…

gallery tips simple

This is a great way to create a gallery wall. Super easy to do and great when you buy sets of 2 prints that go really well together. You just need to find the centre of your sofa or whatever piece of furniture is below, and work from there. Make sure that the distances between wall items are more or less the same, and the distances from the edge of the furniture below too.

If you want to go crazy …

gallery wall tips

While this one might look a little bit messy, it’s really fun and brings character and personality to your room. There is a method to the madness!

Take a look…the middle is centred with the sofa. Even though the items don’t have the same height, they have the same width. The elements to the right are also aligned, even though they are totally different sizes.

If you choose different sizes and shapes for your wall items, just make sure that you keep the distance between the frames more or less the same, to keep it looking ordered.

Definitely make templates!

This is realllllly important. What I do is measure the wall and then map it out on my floor. I then cut out pieces of paper in the same size as the items that I want to put up and play around with the layout on the floor. When I’m happy with the order, I put the templates on the wall with masking tape just so I can see exactly how it looks. This makes it super easy to hammer in the nail too!

Avoid cleaning up afterwards…

Drilling a hole in the wall can make SUCH a mess! My way around it? Put a post-it on the wall just underneath where you are going to drill and fold it slightly. It catches all the dust so you don’t need to clean-up after!

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To a colourful life,

Ju xx

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