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Need some help to get started on designing your dream home? Check out the top 3 tools that you must use to help you achieve your goals! #homedesign #interiordesign #interiordecor #designtools #designtips #interiordesignmasters

I am so happy to tell you that over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing all of my TOP resources when it comes to interior design..starting with design tools!

It’s sooo important to visualise exactly what you want..and be super organised when you are designing your home. This is why I am sharing my 3 easy-to-use and FREE tools that you must use to design your home…I promise you it will save you time and $$$! What more could you want?!

Ready? Let’s go!

Draw up your room

To maximise your space and be sure that your furniture will work, you MUST draw up your room. Otherwise, you might end up with pieces that don’t fit your space or your lifestyle!

Tool to use: Roomstyler 3D Room Planning

Visualise your scheme

Create a mood board to explore all of your ideas, figure out colours styles and determine the feel of the room. This will also really help you to visualise how your scheme looks together before you start shopping … so you don’t make any expensive mistakes!

Tool to use: Canva

Organise your project

Designing your home can be overwhelming if you’re not organised. So keep everything in one place – mood boards, drawings, shopping lists, budget….! Your design journey will be SO much easier and faster. Seriously… it works like magic!

Tool to use: Trello

What else do you want to know? Comment with your questions and I’ll try and cover them in the next few weeks!

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To a colourful life,

Ju xx

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