Do you want to walk into a bright and vibrant home but have no idea which colours to use? Want to be bolder with your colour choice? I’m here to help! Check out these three tips to help grow your confidence with colours! #interiordesign #colourtips #decoratingwithcolour #homedecor #happyhome #colourconfidence #dreamhouse #vibranthome

Thinking about adding colour to your home, but don’t know where to start? I’ve been there! Colour can bring happiness and inspiration into your house. However, it can also be overwhelming if you’re not sure how to use it – so I’ve put together 3 tips I’d love to share with you to help build up your colour confidence.

And don’t worry… I’ll guide you into creating a happy home that reflects your bright and vibrant personality – without it looking like a carnival!

1. Start small

It’s amazing what a few splashes of colour can do for your space – even with multiple white walls! A vibrant pair of curtains paired up with some patterned cushions can create the same oomph as a wall that has wallpaper! Accessories, art work or even small pieces of furniture like a bright armchair or a chest of drawers can add that touch of inspiration!

So when you are starting to introduce colour to your decor, take baby steps and start small – this way you can add more colour as your confidence grows, yet still, create a “wow factor”, without feeling too overwhelmed. Starting small means you can make changes and scale up or down quickly and easily.

2. Choose colours based on the feeling

Before you pick your colours (and patterns!) you MUST ask yourself this question:

How do I want this room to FEEL?

Colours evoke feelings, so if you know the mood you want for your space, you can choose the colour scheme based on the psychology of the feeling. Surrounding yourself with the right colours can also boost your own mood – because we all have days where we feel a bit down, so picking the right colours can be really uplifting.

Let’s say you are designing a guest bedroom and you want it to feel calm, relaxed, happy and welcoming for your guests – you could use blue (calming), yellow (joyful), pink (nurturing) and green (relaxation).

See… easy peasy!

Want to learn more about how to create moods with colour?

You can become a colour psychology ninja here!

3. The colour wheel is your golden ticket!

Want an easy way to know which colours work well together?

Simple – use the colour wheel! Yep, the same one you learned in school. I swear by my St Mary Of The Wallpaper…You can’t go wrong with it 😉

And the best bit? It’s SO easy to use! My free workshop shares secret tips on using it, so you too can create joyful and feel-good schemes that you’re proud of!

That’s it, lovely! These 3 tips should give you the confidence to be bolder with your colour splashing, so you can live in a home that makes you and your family smile every time you walk in! And if you’re in the mood for more decor secrets, make sure to join me for my FREE Decor Workshops Tea & Tips, where every month you get access to live workshops and replays – packed with my design pro shortcuts and tips!

To a more colourful life,

Ju xx