Want to feel calm and peaceful in your home? Check out my decor tips to create a calm, stress-free home to help reduce your anxiety.
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It’s no secret that your home has a huge impact on your well-being, and should be the perfect space for you to relax and unwind. So how you decorate your place can really influence how you feel while you’re in it! Life is so busy – juggling so many things every day, from school runs to long office days and everything in between! It can all get a bit overwhelming, so it’s important to decorate your home in a way that relieves your stress and makes you smile when you walk through the front door! So here are 7 of my favourite decor tips that will leave your worries outside, reduce your anxiety… and help you create a calm and happy home.

1. Aromatherapy candles

The sense of smell is strongly linked to memory + is also highly emotive. Who had never felt like stepping back in time after a hint of a known scent?! The other day I spent a good 20 min stalking a stranger at the garden centre, just because she was wearing the same perfume as my wonderful late grandma!  Anyway… What I’m trying to say is… Make your home a sanctuary by adding your favourite scents!

Whatever scent you choose, just make sure you absolutely love it, and it’s connected to the feelings you want that particular room to evoke. For example… In our home… I usually have a very floral scent downstairs, as I want to evoke a “walking in garden” feeling, to connect with all the floral decor that we have around.

However, upstairs in our bedrooms, I prefer to have a more soothing smell, that reminds me of walks on the beach at sunset and relaxing in a hammock by the sea. Got it?!

2. Add plants

Adding some houseplants or a bunch of flowers can have great benefits to your health. Not only are they visually beautiful, but they also reduce your stress levels and boost your mood – especially in the dark cold winter months! Plants can be very therapeutic.. which increases your positive feelings, reducing any anxiety you may be feeling. Plus they are SO good for your soul!

3. Leave room to breath

A happy home is also a relaxing home, so de-clutter and leave room to breathe. Throw away everything that you don’t need and maybe designate a place (a room, a cupboard or just a drawer) to hide away the everyday mess (mine is the sideboard in our dining room). If you organise your things and take the unnecessary clutter out of sight, you will certainly feel more relaxed and happier.

Remember… the more organised and less chaotic your surroundings are, the more at ease and organised you will feel internally in your mind. If something in your home doesn’t bring you joy or happiness, it’s time to let it go.

4. Let in natural light

Boost the vitamin-D rich sunlight that your body needs and craves by switching thick curtains to light ones – linen ones are my go-to! You could even hang up some mirrors as this will help the light bounce around the room. (Especially if you hang one on the wall opposite the window!)

5. Leave a blank space

You don’t need to decorate every single wall or fill up every space on your shelves. By leaving some “blank space” your home will feel less cluttered, your fave pieces will have room to shine and your mind will feel less busy.

6. Create a comfort zone

Pick a place in your home where relaxing is the key function… and then tailor it to your choice of relaxing activity.. whether it’s reading, listening to music or meditating. You don’t need to set aside an entire room; just select a spot that’s out of the main flow of household activity… everyone needs an “escape” from time to time!

7. Cluster of colour

For a punch of happiness, add in a few brightly coloured accessories such as cushions, throws, artwork. By clustering together your favourite accessories in vibrant colours you can create a focal point… so whenever you walk in you’ll feel the sense of joy when you see the items! My go-to happy colours are yellow, orange and pink – but pastels are great too!

Just try and keep your walls in a calming colour palette such as pale blues, whites (my fave) or very light shades of grey. So your space will get that airy and happy feel.

And if you want to be confident choosing the right colours for your space to create a happy and joyful home…then come and join me inside the FREE COLOUR WORKSHOP

To a colourful life,

Ju xx