Let me tell you a secret… I used to feel REALLY scared of hanging wallpaper. And in the beginning, I made many mistakes… air bubbles, gaps between drops, wonky corners and the list goes on!

But with time and quite a few tries, I’ve learned some tricks to make the process easier, and the end result nicer!

So today, I’m sharing 6 of my fave tools that will help you easily hang your wallpaper – even if you’ve never done it before!


1. Coloured ready-mixed paste.

It’s a bit more expensive than the powdered one but soooo worth it! Because it’s super smooth and easy to see where you’ve rolled.

So NO lumps or air bubbles.

This is the one I always use – perfect if you’re using a “paste the wall” type of wallpaper.

2. Paint Roller

I used to apply the paste with those big wallpaper brushes – you know which ones, right?

But since I swapped them for a paint roller, I’ve never looked back.

It makes it easier and quicker to apply an even coat. So the whole paper is covered in paste without creating any air bubbles.

3. Paintbrush

Use a small or medium paintbrush to apply the paste on corners where the roller can’t reach.

4. Wallpaper smoother.

A plastic wallpaper smoother helps you to push out any bubbles.

Plus it’s SO satisfying!

5. Super sharp Stanley knife + Cutting guide or Metal ruler

This is for you to cut any excess paper. The cutting guide is a lifesaver but also make sure that your Stanley knife is SUPER sharp so you can easily get a neat cut.

6. Decorators caulk

This one I learned from a professional decorator when she was hanging wallpaper for one of my clients.

It gives a better finish and creates straight lines. Perfect for hiding imperfections!

And here are a few other tips:

  • Always read the instructions that come with your wallpaper.
  • I find the “paste the wall” type of paper much easier to hang. As “paste the paper” is a bit messier.
  • Keep some wet wipes or a dump cloth near you to clean up any excess paste.

If you want some help deciding how to choose the perfect wallpaper for your room, make sure to check out this blog post!

Have any questions for me? Drop them in the comments, I would LOVE to hear them!