Do you know what makes your room cosier, your design prettier and your home more you?

Hint: It’s one word that makes ALL the difference!

This week I’m back answering another of your decor questions, and this time we’re chatting about the most important thing you should add to your room. (No matter if you like it colourful or neutral)

So watch this video and I’ll tell you in just a few seconds.

It will make a huge difference in the way your home feels!

Have you ever entered a room and it felt bland, cold, and a bit boring?
It’s because it was missing texture!

You can add interest, layers, and warmth to any space with texture.
Think shaggy rugs, woolly blankets, velvet cushions, linen curtains,
plants, and natural fibres like rattan.

This trick also works if you have an all-white/ neutral room and want to make it cosy without adding colour.

So don’t forget… even if your decor is not the way you want it yet, you can already start making it feel more homely by just adding texture!

Do you have any decor questions for me? Just leave them in the comments. I’d LOVE to answer them for you. xx

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