Do you have a room that’s taking forever to finish?
Oh, my St Mary of the Wallpaper, Zak’s bedroom took way too long!
Life and work got in the way, and I couldn’t find time to do it.
But it’s finally ready – and most importantly… he LOVES it!

So I’m sharing some of the steps I took to design it – so you can use it for your home too!


Step1: Zak was the boss (well, kind of!)

I got him involved from the beginning to ensure he would be happy with the design. It was fun to get him more excited about his new bedroom too! 


Two important questions I asked him – so we could follow a clear direction right from the start: 

  • Do you have a theme you want for the room?  

He asked for a jungle room, so I ordered some wallpaper samples that would look good there and let him pick his fave. 

He went for the Animal Kingdom wallpaper from Milton & King. 

(It was my fave too!)

Here’s the link to it if you love it too.

  • What colours and vibe do you want? 

He asked for a cool vibe and some green, so I got some sample pots and helped him choose the best shade.

The clear winner was Wave Hello from Valspar. 

When choosing paint, I always take the wapaper sample with me, then I select some paint cards and take them outside the shop to see it in natural light – as colour changes depending on the light. Then I get back in and order the sample pots of the ones I liked best.

Step 2: Making it functional

Every room should be functional, especially kids’ bedrooms, because there is so much “stuff” to organise and so many different activities that will take place there. 

So we made a list of all the activities, and then I started writing down everything we needed, including the much-needed storage. 

Step 3: Analysing the space

Once we were clear about the vibe he wanted and what we needed to make it functional, I started to analyse the space to find out how we could achieve that! 

For example: 

For the layout, I divided the space into four zones (sleeping/reading, playing, studying and organising).

Then I clearly defined the zones by having fun with different colours and design elements (e.g. wallpaper, panelling, rugs, lighting, etc.)

Without compromising the overall feeling, we wanted the room to have.

Wallpaper and pendant lights define the “study area”. Panelling and the swing arm wall light define the “sleep/ reading area”.

Step 4: Budgeting and sourcing

I allocated the budget by priority. So most of it went to the build-in joinery for a tongue & groove panelling and a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe.

 I’m not gonna lie; it broke my heart spending most of the budget on a wardrobe, but it was worth it as we got SO much storage, and it helps keep the room organised. 

So to make up for the joinery extravaganza, I got “creative” with the other items: 

  • The vintage desk is a £20 find from a charity shop.
  • The headboard I made myself in less than an hour! (I’ll post a tutorial soon)
  • The £8 lampshades I found in AliExpress.  
  • Then ordered some flex cable, plugs and bulb holders from eBay and asked an electrician to put them together. 
  • Also, took an illustration from a vintage book, framed it and hung it on the wall with the ones from his old bedroom. 
  • And a trip to Ikea for some budget-friendly cushions and curtains. 
Testing it together before making the final decisions – I often buy different options and try them in the room to help me select what REALLY works, then I just return what I didn’t like.

This way we got the look we wanted without breaking the bank. 

Check out this post for MORE BUDGET TIPS. 

That’s it! Just added some final touches, and the bedroom was ready for Zak and his friends to enjoy! 

And if you have a room or rooms in your home that you can’t wait to get done…

But you’re feeling stuck, confused, or struggling to make decisions … 

Get in touch and ask me about my consultation calls, where in one hour, I’ll help you quickly make the best decisions for YOUR happy home without wasting your time and while making the most of your space and your cha-ching! 

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To a colourful life,

Ju xx