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Living in a home that makes you happy plays a big part in your wellbeing.
And that’s why I keep making videos, posts and courses….

I want to empower you to create a home that makes you and your family to feel good.

So in this video, I’m sharing with you two mistakes you should avoid when planning your decor and how to fix them.
So you can go ahhh every time you walk in.


Mistake no 1. Getting inspiration from outside.

If you want to create a home that reflects you, you need to start from you!

So before you start gathering inspiration from magazines, books, Pinterest; make sure you’re clear on what you really love, and what makes YOU smile! Think about your happy memories, the things you love doing, the people you admire.

For example, I love flowers, yellow because of sunshine, colour and oil paintings that remind me of my childhood home. So I have them sprinkled everywhere in our home, and they never fail to put a smile on my face.
Remember… It’s not about trends; it’s about YOU!

Mistake no 2. Limiting your vision because of your budget.

Put your hands up if you have champagne taste and a lemonade budget!
I do, and if that’s you too; I need you to listen to this:
Don’t ever let your budget limit your creativity and the vision you have for your room. You just need to get clear on where you should invest and where you can get creative, with DYIs, upcycling, for example.

My office, for instance, it’s my fave place in our house, and I’ve only spent £500!
And if I can do it, you can do it too!

We’ll talk more about in another post. So stay tuned!

And if you want more home decor tips, make sure to check The Colour Couse:

To a colourful life!

Ju xx