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I LOVE Pinterest. It’s such an amazing place to find inspiration but it can be really overwhelming. Don’t worry – I’m here to show you how to use it like a real design pro! If you need a bit of a refresh on Pinterest basics, check out my video on our Facebook group!

Ready? Let’s go!

Make sure you know your style!

Don’t go on Pinterest and start pinning images until you are 100% sure of what style you want to go for! Otherwise, you’ll get distracted and go in a million different directions and that won’t help! Once you know what style you want, what feelings you want to invoke…then you can go for it!

Check out this quick video if you’re not sure about your style or how you want your room to look. I promise you’ll find SO much clarity there!

Start by creating a board

Name the board the room that you are designing. This will help to keep you focused! Pinterest will give you some ideas, but don’t pin anything yet. Then you should add a section. These are super important! You should have an ‘Inspiration’ section, a ‘Final Scheme’ section, and then sections for everything you need in the room. This could be something like lighting, sofa, flooring etc.

pinterest like a pro

Get the Pinterest extension

Add the Pinterest extension to your browser. This will really help you later on when you get to the shopping stage!

Refine your search

So you should already know how you want your room to feel. Let’s say you are designing a living room that you want to be happy. Then you type in ‘happy living room’. Then you can look and pin anything that catches your eye. If you know what colours you want, add that to the search too.

Now let’s shop!

When you have gone through everything and added pins to your sections, we can move forward! Because you added the Pinterest extension, you can add products directly from the store website to your Pinterest board or section!

Final scheme!

Once you decide on the items you want to buy, you can ‘move’ them from their section to the ‘final scheme’ section. Then, you can see your final room coming together. Once you have all of the items here, shopping will be soooo easy!

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To a colourful life,

Ju xx

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