I'm Ju, a designer & course creator dedicated to helping you to live in a home that brings you joy!

Scared about choosing colours and patterns? Not sure how to pull a room together? You would love a home that feels like you, but you are confused about your style? Or maybe you’re feeling stuck and don’t even know where to start… It’s deffo not easy making all the decisions you need to make when embarking on any decoration project…
But it can still be fun!

Maybe what you need is someone to inspire, teach and guide you in the best direction, right? 

And that’s exactly what I do! 

"You know you need to have confidence in your decor decisions to move forward and create a home that brings you joy, a place that you can’t wait to get back to and a space that you'll never want to leave."

Hi, I’m Ju, a mint tea drinker, a colour believer and an originality admirer.

Brazilian living in England, great crafter, a terrible cook and an interior designer (with over15 years of experience), turned stay-at-home mum, who could not let go of my love for furniture, fabrics, and the smell of fresh paint.

So, in 2015, I came up with a game plan and started my journey of rebuilding my confidence and getting back to creating joyful, personality-filled spaces. (It was the best decision EVER!)

That’s why I started Blooming Home Society, I wanted to create a “vibrant world” for creative women, where I get to inspire, teach and give them the confidence to start connecting the dots their way and tell their personal story through their homes.

Because who you are is more important than what you have or what you do!

The Blooming Home Society is not just an online home decorating school; it’s a joyful way of life, it’s an experience where we create your dream home together and your imagination is just as important as mine!

I work closely with our members, helping them to identify what they like and dislike while thinking outside the box and sharing with them the best design secrets I’ve learned –  All tailored to their spaces. 

Together we will create YOUR “hugging” home, filled with things you love, functionality and your own uniqueness! 


Lean at your own schedule

All our courses are online, so you can do them anywhere and anytime. Plus the lessons are short and sweet. No more, no-time excuses!

Receive tailored advice from me

Feel the relief of having me on hand to see your space and discuss your ideas before making decisions you know nothing about.

Find clarity and confidence

No more feeling stuck and lost between all the possibilities and shiny objects out there. Oh, and be ready for some colour courage too!

Maximise your budget

Champagne taste and a lemonade budget? Stick with me, and I’ll show you how you can create your dream decor without breaking the bank.

What I Believe

Our beliefs are a big part of who we are… and I can’t think of a better way for you to start getting to know me, than giving you a little peek of what’s inside my heart! So here we go…

the official bio

Here’s my bio written in 3rd person – so I sound more profesh.

Ju De Paula is a professional Interior Designer based in England.
She has started her career in Brazil and after moving to the UK, she has worked for well-known industry names.

She has also designed many commercial projects as well as residential ones in exclusive London areas such as Mayfair, Knightsbridge and Marylebone.

Her work has been featured in magazines, blogs and TV shows around the world. 

You can watch her on BBC and Netflix show Interior Design Masters. Eeeek! (ok, I lost my cool, but how not to celebrate?!)
When she is not covered in paint, you can find her crafting with her little ones, watching films with her hubby or dancing around the kitchen to 90’s songs.


"Your dream home should be in your reality.
Not just on you Pinterest board."
Ready to fall in love with your place again and again?

3 ways I can help you?

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3 videos to help you create trusted colour schemes and use colour to set the mood you want for your home.

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You’ll learn everything you need to make the best decor decisions for your home. With lots of hand-holding from me.

Work 1:1 With Me

And if you’re looking for even more help, and support designing YOUR dream home, I can create it for you. 

free colour workshop

Two video lessons to help you confidently put beautiful colour schemes together.

Watch the first two lessons of one of the courses inside our Design School and learn how to use colour and confidently create colour schemes that reflect your personality and the mood you want for your home.